École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

School of Basic Sciences, Laboratory of Synthesis and Natural Products

Principal contact: Prof. Jieping Zhu
Mail: jieping.zhu{à}epfl.ch
Phone: +41 (0)21 693 97 41


Our group is interested in: a) developing synthetic methodologies, strategies and their applications in natural product total synthesis; b) devising novel multicomponent reactions (MCRs) and metal-catalyzed domino processes for the rapid construction of medicinally relevant heterocycles and macrocycles; c) searching for new catalytic enantioselective transformations, particularly enantioselective MCRs; d) Designing and synthesizing small molecules with specific biological activities.

The architecturally complex molecules provide the driving force for the development of new synthetic strategies/new reactions. In return, the so-developed new synthetic technologies can often find application in the synthesis of other seemingly unrelated molecular targets. Exploring the synergism between target pursuits and methodology/strategy development is the key principle that guided our work in the field of natural product synthesis.

This group hosts research facilities like NMR 500 MHz, UPLC-MS, GC-MS, Chiral SFC, HPLC. At Institute level: Crystallography and Screening platform.