The i-NPChem project in a few words

The i-NPChem project started in January 2016 and will last four years. It brings together ten European teams to develop brainstorming and productive partnerships in the natural product chemistry fields to discover the essential molecules for society’s needs. Research integration will arise from the transdisciplinary interaction of members with complementary skills in natural product isolation, synthetic chemistry, biosynthetic studies, molecular biology, chemical ecology or chemical biology (see Figure). i-NPChem thus ambitions to connect European teams, with networking issues in the field of natural product chemistry and its applications, being ground to:

(1)   Exchanging junior and senior researchers between participant institutions;
(2)   Reinforcing partnerships through collaborative research actions;
(3)   Organizing European meetings on frontier topics of natural product chemistry;
(4)   Promoting natural product sciences and make them visible.

i-npchem star
The disciplinary perimeter of i-NPChem defining the working tasks (Copyright: Bastien Nay)


Nature has been a continuing source of useful chemicals for the Human societies and should still be considered as the privileged source to find new lead compounds, not only for medicine but also for agriculture. Today, there are urgent needs of solutions for sustainable health care (e.g. treatment of infectious MDR diseases), agriculture (e.g. use of bio- and nature-compatible pesticides), new energy sources or green processes (e.g. using bio-inspired photosynthesis, biofuels), and we believe that natural products potentially hold the solution. The study of natural products should still and for long provide promising medicines, chemical pest-killers, green processes for chemistry or even energy production, while at the same time deepening our (molecular) knowledge of Nature.

Read more at the Work package foreword


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