Welcome in Paris for the i-NPChem inaugural Symposium!

The i-NPChem Symposium is going to start on next Monday. The Seine flood currently taking place due to meteorological perturbations should not have any consequence and we confirm the maintaining of the meeting. It will take place at the Grand Amphithéâtre du Muséum, 57 rue Cuvier in Paris (map below). For security reason, bags may be checked inside and it is asked to avoid any bulky luggage.

plan grand amphi.png

Speakers at i-NPChem Inaugural Symposium

header inpchem2016The i-NPChem Inaugural Symposium will be held in Paris on 6th-7th June 2016, with 15 speakers from Germany, the UK, Switzerland and France:

Dr. Pierre-Marie Allard, Dr. Ali Al-Mourabit, Dr. Stéphane Bach, Prof. Elke Dittmann, Prof. Karl Gademann, Prof. Andeas Kirschning, Prof. Peter Leadlay, Dr. Sylvie Lautru, Prof. John Moses, Dr. Bastien Nay, Dr. François-Hugues Porée, Prof. Erwan Poupon, Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez, Prof. Stefan Schulz, Prof. Jieping Zhu Continue reading “Speakers at i-NPChem Inaugural Symposium”