Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles

ICSN Gif-sur-Yvette (UPR 2301 CNRS-Paris Saclay)

Principal contact: Dr Ali Al-Mourabit
Mail: ali.almourabit{à}
Phone: + 33 1 69 82 45 85

ICSN inpchem


Created in 1959 and employing 200 people, the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles is the chemical center of the CNRS campus of Gif-sur-Yvette. The Institute is located at the border of the future Paris-Saclay campus, which will represent 10% of the French research, and is part of this new university.

The ICSN develop research activities at the border between chemistry and biology, mainly inspired by the natural substances. It is structured in four departments, each representing a specific domain of research:

-  Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry

-  Exploratory Chemistry in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis

-  Analytic and Structural Biology and Chemistry

-  Chemical Biology

The research activities of the Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry departement at ICSN extend from the study of natural products of terrestrial and marine origin (flora, fauna and microorganisms) to organic synthesis useful for the discovery of new bioactive compounds, giving added value to bioresources. Organic and structural chemistry are at the center of our multidisciplinary activities situated at the forefront of drug discovery, of the understanding of chemical and biological processes and the development of synthetic methodology. Our field of interest targets medicinal chemistry inspired by chemical ecology. The synthesis of bioactive molecules is aimed at comprehending the modes of action of future drugs, optimizing the activities of natural products and assuring adequate supplies of substances promising for human health.

The ICSN hosts research facilities like 12 NMR apparatus from 300 MHz up to 950-MHz, LC-HRMS spectrometer, Crystallography, Fermentation, Innovative pilot scale for protein production, microbial cultivation, natural substances isolation, chemical library.