Université Paris-Sud (Paris-Saclay)

BioCIS, Faculté de Pharmacie, Université Paris-Saclay (UMR 8076)

Principal contact: Prof. Erwan Poupon
Mail: erwan.poupon{à}u-psud.fr
Phone: + 33 1 46 83 55 86


The natural product chemistry department at Université Paris-Sud (now part of Université Paris-Saclay) is located at the School of Pharmacy in CNRS unit BioCIS and is one of the biggest university-based laboratories dedicated to the chemistry of natural substances. From the development of analytical tools for the discovery of new structures to ethnopharmacognosy, the team covers many aspects of natural product chemistry in an integrated manner thanks to a vast network of collaborations worldwide. The team has also a strong expertise in total synthesis of natural products (macrolides, alkaloids…) and biomimetic strategies (cascade reaction, enzyme mimics…). Natural-product drug discovery is another major field of research, particularly in human health domains such as CNS disorder or infectious diseases, including a focus on benefit-risk balance assessment and environmental toxicology, on the biological and analytical levels. Finally, most of the projects strongly rely on new developments in synthetic organic chemistry.

The team is the major pillar that supports and organizes a master program in pharmaceutical chemistry in which a unique training in natural product chemistry is proposed. Furthermore, several team members are permanent experts for the French food and drug sanitary agencies (ANSM, Anses) in the fields of natural metabolites and bioactive botanicals.