Meeting of the French-Japanese Society of Medicinal and Fine Chemistry


Tokyo, Japan, from 15th to 18th May 2016.


Speakers at i-NPChem Inaugural Symposium

header inpchem2016The i-NPChem Inaugural Symposium will be held in Paris on 6th-7th June 2016, with 15 speakers from Germany, the UK, Switzerland and France:

Dr. Pierre-Marie Allard, Dr. Ali Al-Mourabit, Dr. Stéphane Bach, Prof. Elke Dittmann, Prof. Karl Gademann, Prof. Andeas Kirschning, Prof. Peter Leadlay, Dr. Sylvie Lautru, Prof. John Moses, Dr. Bastien Nay, Dr. François-Hugues Porée, Prof. Erwan Poupon, Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez, Prof. Stefan Schulz, Prof. Jieping Zhu Continue reading “Speakers at i-NPChem Inaugural Symposium”