University of Nottingham

School of Chemistry

Principal contact: Prof. John Moses
Mail: John.Moses{à}
Phone: +44 (0)7 837 985 048

The School of Chemistry has a thriving research environment with 160 postgraduate students and 60 post-doctoral fellows from all corners of the globe. These co-workers reflect the research activity of 38 academic staff supported by 30 technical staff.

Chemistry is a truly multi-disciplinary science with researchers at Nottingham engaged in, and leading, major University-wide research initiatives in the medical and biological sciences, in chemical engineering and in the nanosciences, to mention only a few. Reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of the research activities, Chemistry researchers are also located in the £20 million SRIF-funded Centre for Biomolecular Sciences. To support these wide ranging research programmes the School draws significant research funding from:

  • the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • from the EU and the UK research councils (EPSRC and BBSRC)
  • the Royal Society
  • other charities (Leverhulme Trust and Welcome Trust)

with research grants for each of the previous two years exceeding £10 million. Reflecting our national and international research reputation, scientists within the School have received numerous awards and prizes from the Royal Society of Chemistry and Industry.

Research in the Moses group is focussed on the use of synthetic chemistry to help  solve biological problems. We use a number of scientific techniques and  are active in several complementary areas, including:

  • Anticancer Drug Discovery
  • Biomimetic Synthesis
  • Biomimetic Diversity Oriented Synthesis
  • Click Chemistry and Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery
  • DNA based asymmetric catalysis
  • Target guided synthesis and in situ drug discovery
  • Structural Biology